And so it goes on….

We’re not even in the end of January and I’ve had enough already. My car is going in for repair AGAIN tomorrow. That will cost me £500 because some fuck wit hit in Next car park and didn’t leave me any details. I hope his car is as fucked as mine is. Arsewipe. That’s after £400 to repair it at the end of last year, yes that was my fault but still…

New cooker purchased in October? Grill won’t stay lit. Man came to fix it yesterday. Still doesn’t work.

Tv? Purchased in June. Had to have a new one in October due to a pixel being constantly blue. Now it has a white line down the screen, and is tempremental in going on and off.


Husband due to his undiagnosed Aspergers just ignores my rantings. “Does it not piss you off?” I yell at him. “What’s the point” he replies. The point is it never EVER fucking ends!! Don’t sweat the small stuff people say, easy to say when the small stuff stops being stuff, but when the stuff keeps going wrong, not working then going wrong again…..
I have no friends I can go and whinge too, no literally I don’t. I have one friend and she lives 150miles away, and we barely speak now. So that leaves me a Mother who’s far too wrapped up in my sister, and a daughter whos too wrapped up in job, and has Aspergers as well so she’s in the same vein as husband. FUUUUUUUCCKK!
I’m never buying anything ever again.

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